Digital news platforms and mediatization of religion: Understanding the religious coverage in different ‘News Frames’




digital news platforms, mediatization, religion, news frames and societies


Mass Media has been influencing a dominant sector of the society called ‘Religion’ from the time of its inception. Today, in the age of digital journalism the news consumption has increased in many folds and the mediatization of religion has taken a bigger shape on digital news platforms where feedback on every news story is instantaneous. To understand the intensity of mediatization of religion the coverage of religious specific content in two top rated digital news platforms of English language were analysed using thematic content analysis in the following news frames “Attribution of Responsibility,” “Human Interest,” “Morality,” “Economic Consequences,” and “Conflict.” The findings helped in identifying the level of social interaction expressed by the readers towards religion and the implication of different news frames on creating strong influence on people. The study is conducted in a country where multiple religions are practiced from eternities by large groups of people forming a society.    


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Biografia do Autor

Sanjay Bisht, Ph.D Scholar In Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India

Research scholar of mass communication. 20 years of experience in Indian electronic media. Currently doing research on religious coverage in India's digital media.

Role in the paper- Data curation, resources, visualization, writing – original draft, writing – review & editing

Tasha Singh Parihar, School of Media and Communication Studies, Galgotias University, India

Professor in School of Media and Communication Studies. Teaches Journalism and Mass Communication and is associated with Galgotias University. Expertise in quantitative research in ICTs, Digital News, Game Studies and Social-Media. Contributed to the development of Social Ethos Scale, Cultural Ethos Scale and Educational Ethos Scale. Honorary member of the Editorial Board of IJBST Journal Group. Best Media Research Educator of the year by Media Federation of India in 2021 and Exemplary Academician of the Year Award by Eureka Publications. Invited author from London Journals Press.




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Sanjay, & Parihar, T. S. (2023). Digital news platforms and mediatization of religion: Understanding the religious coverage in different ‘News Frames’. Comunicação Mídia E Consumo, 20(59).